Diversity & Inclusion

Morgan Philips, a group committed to a diverse and inclusive organizational culture

Morgan Philips operates as a global entity in over 20 countries, and in each location, through all our recruitment and talent management endeavors, we are committed to fostering an inclusive environment. We celebrate and embrace diversity as a core aspect of our organizational ethos.

Our commitment to diversity is reflected in our practices, advocating inclusivity across age, gender, ethnicity, disability, religion, sexual orientation, and marital status. Our candidate sourcing and assessment processes are rigorously non-discriminatory, ensuring that we consistently incorporate a spectrum of qualified and diverse profiles into our recruitment efforts.

Gender split of our directors infographics

Gender breakdown of our
leaders (Morgan Philips Group)

Gender split of our directors infographics

Gender breakdown of our
employees (Morgan Philips Group)

In the current landscape, drawing from a wealth of diverse experiences, cultural backgrounds, and individual competencies is crucial. It fuels innovation, which is a cornerstone of our philosophy. A melting pot of varied perspectives is key to challenging the status quo and propelling our company's growth.

We recognize the importance of an inclusive work environment where every individual feels valued and finds their place. By joining Morgan Philips, you opt for a dedicated and united team that supports and encourages your professional journey.

While we take pride in the diversity of our staff and the candidates we place for our clients, we acknowledge that there is always room for enhancement. Diversity and inclusion are continuous endeavors for us.

Diversity and inclusion are not just ideals but essential business practices ingrained in Morgan Philips's culture. Should you aspire to a career in recruitment or any other role within our organization, we welcome your application.

Diversity & Inclusion

Our Anti-Discrimination commitments

  • At the core of Morgan Philips' ethos are our staunch commitments to diversity and inclusion. We pledge to rigorously combat all forms of discrimination throughout our recruitment process.
  • Our consultant teams receive ongoing, specialized training designed to detect and dismantle discriminatory practices, guaranteeing equitable and transparent hiring processes. They are adept at upholding diversity, focusing solely on the competencies and professional qualifications of our candidates.
  • As a proactive participant in various associations championing workplace equality, we stay abreast of the latest effective practices and play a significant role in fostering fairness within the recruitment sector.
  • Opting for Morgan Philips as your recruitment ally means selecting a partner that wholeheartedly embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion as foundational pillars of professional excellence.

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