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Hong Kong’s life sciences and medical devices sector is at the forefront of scientific innovation, demanding highly specialized talent to continue its trajectory of breakthrough discoveries and technological advancements. Morgan Philips recognizes the critical role that skilled professionals play in this sector's growth and is dedicated to recruiting individuals who can contribute to the development of life-changing medical technologies and therapies.

Our expertise

At Morgan Philips Hong Kong, our approach to life sciences and medical devices Recruitment stands out through:

  • R&D Talent: Identifying exceptional scientists and engineers with a proven track record in research and development, driving innovation in life sciences and medical devices.
  • Regulatory and Compliance Experts: Sourcing professionals knowledgeable in global and local regulatory standards, ensuring products meet all compliance requirements.
  • Commercialization Specialists: Recruiting individuals skilled in bringing medical devices and scientific advancements to market, from product development strategists to sales and marketing experts.



Specialised teams in Life Sciences & Medical Devices recruitment

Our Life Sciences & Medical Devices Recruitment team specializes in sourcing the finest talent for the dynamic fields of life sciences and medical technology. Serving multinational corporations, research institutions, and cutting-edge medtech start-ups, we bring an unparalleled depth of expertise to recruit top-tier scientists, engineers, and executives. Rely on our comprehensive experience to recruit a specialized team that aligns with your strategic objectives, driving innovation and success in Hong Kong and beyond.

Vos avantages


Internationally, we recruit for

  • Pharmaceutical laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical subcontractors
  • Medical devices companies, medical instrumentation, medical equipment
  • Biotechnology companies
  • Healthcare Start-ups
  • Companies specialised in dietary supplements, nutrition, etc.
  • Wellness and beauty companies
  • Manufacturers and distributors of natural and organic products
  • Pharmaceutical distributors
  • Healthcare establishments (hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, etc.)
  • Home healthcare providers
  • Dermocosmetic and cosmetic laboratories
  • Health and medical communication agencies
  • Companies in the chemical/parachemical industry
  • Veterinary and animal health industry companies
  • Health insurance providers
  • Occupational health services

Our references

The positions for which we recruit:


Medical Director, Scientific Director, Medical Operations Manager, Medical Science Liaison (MSL), Medical Affairs Manager, Medical Information Manager, …


Clinical Operations Manager, Pre-Clinical/Clinical Studies Manager, Clinical Trial Manager, Clinical Project Manager, …

Medical & Paramedical

Specialist Doctors and Surgeons, Occupational Health Physicians, Pharmacists, Operating Room Managers, Radiology Technicians, Nurses, Healthcare Managers, …

Engineering & Industry

Engineering Manager, Process Manager, Maintenance and New Works Manager, Industrial IT Manager, Operations Director, Production Manager, …

Purchasing & Supply Chain

Demand Planning Manager, S&OP Manager, Logistics Manager, Purchasing Manager, Procurement Manager, Category Manager, Buyer, …


General Manager, Operations Director, Clinic Director, Nursing Home Director, HR Director, Development Director, Sales Director, Marketing Director, Finance Director,...

Quality & Regulatory Affairs

Director/Manager of Regulatory Affairs, Quality Control Manager, Quality Director, Quality Assurance Manager, Operational Excellence Manager, Quality System Manager, Quality Engineer, Quality Officer, …


Sales Director, Sales Manager, Regional Manager, Hospital/Pharmaceutical/Medical Representative, Business Development Director, Sales Engineer, ...


Marketing Director, Group Manager, Therapeutic Unit Manager, Product Line Manager, Product Manager, Market Access Director/Manager, Business Analyst, …

What salaries can you expect in Life Sciences & Medical Devices?
Discover our 2024 salary study for Life Sciences & Medical Devices Industry.

  • This salary study, conducted by our recruitment specialists, is based on the assignments carried out for our clients and the thousands of candidate interviews conducted by our consultants over the past 12 months.
2024 salary study for Life Sciences & Medical Devices Industry


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