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As a global leader in interim management, Morgan Philips Interim Management supports your company's transformation and meets your urgent recruitment needs in Hong Kong and internationally.

Our skilled interim managers and consultants are equipped to help manage intricate projects, drive growth strategies, and handle crises.

Our commitment

  • Rapid execution time: first candidate presented within 48 hours
  • 100%success in presenting one or more qualified interim managers

Our areas of expertise

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you should use an Interim Manager Solution:

Business Transformation

Transform your organization, expedite your company's digital evolution, or reassess your business model. Engage an experienced interim manager who is ready to assist in strategizing and applying the changes you envision.


Effectively manage crises or significant organizational shifts. Our specialized interim managers are prepared to guide your business through both turbulent times and strategic transitions, safeguarding your development.

Interim Management
/Transition Management

Address immediate and unexpected staffing requirements, from unplanned absences to transitional periods, with our adept interim leaders. They seamlessly fill critical roles, ensuring continuity and stability.

Strategic Projects

For new initiatives or product rollouts, leverage the strategic know-how of interim managers to meet objectives and respect deadlines.

Navigation Growth crisis

Tackle the complexities of rapid scaling with our interim management expertise, providing the strategic acumen and swift action needed to foster and sustain growth.


When time is of the essence for permanent recruitment, our experienced headhunters have sourcing tools and a unique database to find the right talent, available immediately for your assignments..

Entrust us with your needs

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Our key figures

24h-48h presentation of a
shortlist of available and operational candidates
600+ assignments completed in
last year
50% of our assignments
are international
100 000+ interim managers qualified by our exoerts


Tools and methodology
for your success:

Our approach integrates advanced tools and methodologies to ensure the success of every interim management assignment.


Specialised teams at your service


Our interim management consultants are distinguished within their respective fields for their depth of expertise and respected knowledge. Their acute understanding of the roles they recruit for is matched by a commitment to excellence. We aim to deliver superior service quality to both our clients and interim managers, contributing to the triumphant execution of their projects.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Interim Management?

Interim Management is an executive-level service for time-limited strategic missions, merging the insight of seasoned leaders with the immediate needs of diverse businesses.

  • Tailored for experienced leaders in various organizational sizes and sectors.
  • More strategic than consulting, more flexible than permanent roles.
  • Suits businesses seeking agility and executives desiring to share expertise and embrace new challenges.

What is the typical profile of a Interim manager?

Interim Managers are seasoned professionals with a profile shaped by the company's needs, bringing a wealth of diverse, high-level experience.

  • Usually hold executive roles such as CEO, COO, CFO.
  • Have 15-20 years of experience in complex environments.
  • Known for leadership, project management, communication, and problem-solving skills.
  • Quickly adapt and implement effective solutions to meet company objectives.

What are the qualities of a Interim manager?

Interim Managers possess a blend of technical skills and essential human qualities critical to their success in diverse roles.

  • Adaptability & Agility: Quickly adjust to new environments and corporate cultures.
  • Expertise: Deep knowledge in specific areas to address company challenges promptly.
  • Resilience: Manage high-pressure situations and resolve conflicts effectively.
  • Leadership: Inspire teams, provide direction, and make impactful decisions.

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